Which is the best course in MBA?

Which is the best course in MBA?

MBA as a program comes with a very systematic curriculum architecture. Students of MBA normally learn fundamentals of management like Human Resources, Marketing, Financial Accounting, Operations Management, Organization Behaviour, Macro Economics in the first one or two terms. Later, based on the aptitude, students choose their specializations such as Finance, Operations, IT, Marketing, HR, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Health Management, Design Thinking, Management Consulting, Project Management, Supply Chain Management etc.

Generally, most of the B-Schools offer four broad specializations – Finance, Marketing, Operations and HR. However, some B-Schools do offer more specializations ranging from Data Analytics to Supply Chain Management. Emerging Ecommerce companies that deal with online sales of goods and services demand candidates with specialization in Data Analytics, Supply Chain Management and Project Management.

However, traditional industries regularly demand MBA students with specialization in Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance to support their growth aspiration.

The question of best course lies in the aptitude of students. If a student is extrovert, outgoing who likes meeting people, he or she would be the right fit to choose marketing as her specialization.

If a student has engineering background and has a good knack for number crunching and is keen to sharpen her analytical and intuitive skills, she can opt for Data Analytics as her specialization.

On the other hand, for a student who loves to observe people relations and participate in fellow colleagues career growth by planning and executing training and development, assessment centre, coaching strategies, she may take HR as a specialization.

Therefore, the question of best course is very subjective. However, in India the need for marketing and finance personnel are always high. Recently, industries have realised the demand for students with more data analytical skills, supply chain management and project management skills to expand their businesses.

-by Dr. Chidambaram Babu, Director