FinDS is a student club of Finance at DSIMS-DSGS , and has evolved as a platform for building well established and mutually beneficial relationships between corporate and the student community. FinDS directs its activities in grooming the students who are enthusiastic about finance and make them ready to be a future leader of the global financial industry by providing them opportunities to work with business leaders, alumni and faculty members. The club has its digital presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. In addition to organising various in-house, inter-collegiate and national events, FinDs organises a Conclave called ‘Financia’ every year that covers a panel discussion on a theme of topical interest.

FinDs conducted its first event ‘Bollywood Trivia’ on Sunday, 11th October 2020. There were around 46 participants, with a team of 2, with 12 teams of juniors and 11 teams of seniors. The first round was conducted separately for the juniors and seniors. The second round was a blend of juniors as well as seniors, where the hosts created a joyful atmosphere and the juniors and seniors gelled with each other. The tie-breaker round in the final stage increased the enthusiasm among the participants and the event ended on an energetic note.
FinDs Presidents and vice-presidents circulated a feedback form to understand for suggestions from the students for the kind of events they are looking for. FinDs team was also motivated by some positive responses, in the feedback form, as well as some personal messages received by a few members of the core committee. Many of the students especially the juniors are very excited and waiting for the next event to be conducted by FinDs.
There were a few technical glitches, and the team conducted a core committee meeting on 13th October 2020, to further discuss on the improvisation of the same.

Stock trading and Technical Analysis

FinDs, the finance club of Durgadevi Saraf Institute Of Management Studies (DSIMS) hosted the guest session ‘Stock trading and Technical Analysis’ on 26th September 2020. The speaker for the session was Mr. Chandan Taparia, Head Technical and Derivative Research and Vice President – Research at Motilal Oswal.The event began with a welcome speech by Dr. Nehal Joshipura by introducing the importance of technical analysis. She then invited Mr. Kaushik Gowda, President-FinDs, to introduce the guest speaker, Mr. Chandan Taparia.

Mr. Chandan Taparia gave the insights of stock trading and technical analysis in details for next 1.5 hours captivating the audience. He emphasised that one should not combine trading and investing, rather keep it separately. A systematic way of trading should always be followed, by looking at the market outlook, the time duration of the investments, etc.

He explained the importance of building common sense into the trading strategy, knowing the business of the company, changes in the product line. Technical factors are about demand and supply and news about that company.

The presentation was then followed by a question and answer session, where students got an opportunity to raise queries and expand their knowledge. The question raised was whether psychology has an impact while doing technical analysis and the traders who take decisions emotionally make losses and blame the market, how to overcome the same and make sound decisions. Mr. Chandan Taparia explained that sensitivity is a part of the market. There are cognitive biases in the market. People assume that they cannot go wrong, and have a habit to blame someone, where the market is blamed. He further stated every process takes time. Every person has a way to perceive something. People should learn from others’ mistakes rather than committing mistakes themselves and learn from it.

The session ended with a vote of thanks by the Vice President of FinDs, Ms. Apurva Pandey, thanking Mr. Chandan Taparia, directors of Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management studies Dr. C Babu and Dr. Sarita Vichore, Ms. Rashmi and the IT department, Dr. Nehal Joshipura, and members of the core committee of FinDs.


FinDS, Finance club at DSIMS-DSGS conducted an online debate competition called ‘WiseDate – Confidence speaks it all!’ on 26th January 2021, under the guidance of Dr. Nehal Joshipura, HoD Finance. The competition was held for the students of DSIMS and DSGS, where there were 5 teams from juniors and 3 teams from seniors. The hosts for the event were Ms. Namrata Harsh, Head-Operations, FinDS and Ms. Apurva Pandey, Vice President, FinDS.

The judges for the event were the alumni of DSIMS. The first judge was Mr. Mit Ambani, Assistant Manager-Financial Strategy, Anand Rathi Financial Services Ltd. He pursued MMS (Finance) from DSIMS (Batch 2017-19). The second judge was Mr. Pranav Shukla, Assistant Manager at Shriram Automall India Ltd. He studied MMS (Marketing) from DSIMS (Batch 2016-18).

The event generated keen interest in the students. Both participants and audience showed great enthusiasm. There were three rounds in the competition. The participants were given 5 minutes to prepare for the topic given for debate, and further, every team was given 4 chances of one minute each to present their viewpoints. Out of the 8 teams, the top 4 teams were selected for round 2, followed by the top 2 teams in round 3 which was the final round. The participants, were armed with statistics and data validation made their arguments more emphatic with right facial expressions, body movements and gestures. All the teams exhibited great oratorical skills. The debaters displayed confidence in presenting their arguments before audience and panel of jury.

At the end, the results were declared. The winners and the participants were awarded e-certificates. On the behalf of FinDS, Ms. Apurva Pandey, Vice President of FinDS delivered the vote of thanks. All the participants, audience and judges enjoyed this competition.

The feedback form was circulated to the participants to understand their responses and reviews of ‘WiseDate’ and the types of events they expect from FinDS in the future. The event concluded with a lot of learning for the participants, audience and Team FinDS.


On Sunday, 6th December 2020, FinDS organized the ‘Guess the logo’ competition. The competition was conducted via a Google Form, in which the participants had to answer the name of the brand based on the logo which was displayed in the form, and the timer was of 15 minutes. There were 49 participants, among them 24 had been from FY-PGDM and 25 had been seniors, from PGDM as well as MMS. The participants had been judged primarily based on how efficiently they answer in addition to how quick they had been in responding. It was pre-determined to declare four winners, 2 winners from juniors as well as 2 winners from seniors. The answers submitted by the participants had been manually corrected by the members of FinDS and the winners had been determined based on those answers which had been answered efficiently in minimal time. The winners had been rewarded with e-certificate and all of the participants had been thanked for their enthusiastic participation.
The event ended on a good note. Team FinDS were appreciated by participants for organizing such an event.