Summer Internship Project


The two-month Summer Internship Project (SIP) at the end of first year is an integral and mandatory component for the Master of Management Studies (MMS) program prescribed by the University of Mumbai.


The Summer Internship Project (SIP) is an experiential learning component of the MMS Post Graduate degree program. As a mandatory credit course, the two-month project is slotted in between the two academic years from May 01 to June 30 at the end of the first year. The SIP aims to provide a platform for students to integrate classroom knowledge with related practical applications and skills in a professional environment. It gives students a first-hand experience of real-time situations that not only provide practical learning but also provide an overview on future career paths that students would like to choose.


DSIMS places immense emphasis on the preparatory process for SIP as it is the first step into a professional and corporate life for most students. Students are briefed about the important role that the Summer Internship Project plays in their academic curriculum and its ultimate purpose. The institute organizes preparatory training and workshops to help create awareness among them about career opportunities and the part that a successful SIP plays. The institute involves industry professionals and alumni in the process along with DSIMS faculty who play an important part as mentors in more focused SIP preparation and its successful completion.


Our process has time and again ensured committed engagement of our students during the internship period which is reflected in our Placement offers from the companies where students have completed their Summer Internships.