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Thought Leadership Forum information

12th September, 2015 – We had invited Mr. Madan Sabnavis, Chief Economist & General Manager of CARE) and the topic of discussion was “The Impact of Global Forces on Indian Economy”.

26th September, 2015 –Dr. Deepali Pant Joshi, Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India had an interactive session with our 1st year students (PGDM & MMS) on the topic “Overview of Indian Economy in the context of Financial Stability” and discussed the role of RBI for ensuring financial stability, controlling inflation and accelerating economic growth.

18-March-2016 – DSIMS organized a lecture under the ‘Thought Leadership Forum-Lecture Series’ and the theme was ‘Brands & Beyond’.
The Speaker Mr. Datta Nadkarni is VP-Strategic Alliances, United Software Associates. He is experienced Fortune 500 VP/ CMO/ Marketing Strategist for Global Brands like Farmers, Philips, Vision-express, Lenscrafters, Coca-cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Mastercard and

19th August, 2017
Prof. Kusum had organized a Thought Leadership on 19th August and Mr. Gaurav Verma, Chief Revenue Officer, Red Chillies Entertainment was the guest speaker for PGDM II year students. The session was interesting and informative.

3rd April, 2018
The Art of Business Networking – Mr. Manoj Gursahani

Mr. Manoj Gursahani, Chairman – US India Investors Forum and Founder – Travelmart India interacted with the students and faculties of Durgadevei Saraf Institute of Management under its Meet the Celebtrity forum emphasizing the significance of business networking.

Mr. Gursahani stated that building a network that really works for your business is about having a continuous audit of the ways people you know connect and create opportunity.
He advised the students to always identify the ‘critical few’ with whom they could maintain stable relationships, remember each other’s names, keep in contact and do each other favour. Engage with a smaller group of people who provide quality thinking and behaviour. Individuals that can push and stretch thinking, that can open doors and teach mastery and knowledge. Identify the quality of people and stop obsessing about the quantity.” He concluded giving a few useful tips like building rapport, nurture a relationship, value people and more importantly look for long term opportunities not quick gains.