Gender Equity


Students have taken Personal counsel1ing Session in 2018.

Orientation & Career Guidance Seminar conducted for MMS -1st Year & PGDM 1st year students in Sep 2018.

A Personal Counselling Box is being placed for students in the Reception area to share the queries in 2018.

“Women’s Day Celebrations”

Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies (DSIMS) and Durgadevi Saraf Global Business School (DSGS) jointly organized International Women’s Day Celebration on 8th March, 2021 at Nathmal Garodia Seminar Hall.

The event was well planned. The event started with greeting every women employee with flower, gift and refreshments. Following the Ganesh Vandana, both the Directors addressed the gathering. DSGS Director Dr. Sarita talked about bringing more hope and positivity among women. She also mentioned the contribution of both men and women as a synergistic force to enrich and elevate our society.

Workshop on “Sexual harassment at workplace”

The workshop on “Sexual harassment at workplace” was organized by women cell @ DSIMS on 11th October, 2017. The objective of the workshop was to create awareness and clarify misconceptions among students regarding sexual harassment. It was conducted by Dr. Smitha Murthy and Dr. Aruna from Sanjeevini Hospital Foundation. The audience for the same was MMS batch 2017-2019.

The workshop provided many insights regarding nature and type of sexual harassment, subtle difference between flirting and harassment. The students were given clear cut examples to understand instances which can be termed as sexual harassment be it workplace, college or home. They also busted the common myth that only women go through sexual harassment. As quoted by Dr. Aruna, “Sexual Harassment can be Man to woman, Woman to Man, Man to Man or Woman to Woman”.

Students were apprised of the instances of sexual harassment that goes unreported in colleges/ universities by the victim because of fear, peer pressure, family status and social stigma. The reason for the same is that victim in colleges/ universities do not know how to deal with the sexual harasser and ignore the situation thinking that this event won’t be repeated. In the words of Dr. Aruna, “this is the biggest mistake that a victim can ever do. If we as victims or as the witness to the harassment ignore it, we are encouraging the offender”.

The initiative was well appreciated by the students. The workshop ended with question and answer session and left students ponder over the issues related to women safety, willingness to change and how to make society worth living for all with dignity and respect.

On 12th of December 2017, the students of Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management were addressed by Dr. Aruna Sadarangani and Dr. Smitha Moorthy, from the Sanjeevani Hospital Foundation on the critical issue of sexual harassment. The objective of the seminar was to create the right awareness and mindset of the budding managers in making who are to go ahead and work in the corporates, a place where the occurrence of sexual harassment is known to be the most. The students were made aware of what is sexual harassment, its types and what could be the causes of sexual harassment. The less talked issue of sexual harassment towards males was discussed too. The laws relating to sexual harassment, the procedures and the guidelines were discussed. The eminent speakers also asked the students to add their own views that can help in improving the existing laws to ensure a safer place for all. Help is always there, you just have to ask.

Guest Lecture Organised by Women Development Cell (WDC)
Good health and Well-being is defined to be the third Sustainable Development Goal and it is directed towards achieving universal health coverage. While health factors are in dire need for improvement, when it comes to women, as problems range from nutritional deficiencies to complications in various aspects, which is often ignored. This leads not only to poor physical health, but also impacts the mental well-being. Keeping this in mind, the Women Development Cell (WDC) at DSIMS in association with Lion’s Club (Leo Club) organized a session on “Health & Well Being”. The details are, as follows:
• Informative session by Dr Nilima Inamdar- Gynecologist & Obstetrician on health issues faced by women/girls.
• Awareness Session on Impact of stress on Health of women by Ms Aparna Lidhu- Chairperson of Entrepreneur-Cell of UMIT.

Ladies Common Room