Manager in making

Management education as we know it today in India has been a poor copy of what Harvard Business School attempted in early 20th century. The world has changed in the past one hundred years. The needs of the industry have changed and the expectations about new managers have changed. But the management education has been caught in a time warp – and not progressed much beyond where it all began from.

The result is the now familiar chorus from the Industry “management graduates are not employable from day one” or “industry has to spend time and resources training Management graduates once they join industry” or “the relevance of management education is fading”. The industry demands management graduates who can be productive from day one, who have a global out look but a local mindset and whose education is relevant in this fast changing era.

To meet the requirement of the Industry and to keep the sanctity of the class room learning, DSIMS has developed a unique feature – The Manager in Making or MiM program.
Objectives of MiM Program

The MiM program provides:

  • Job Market Recognition and Differentiation
  • Bridge across Disciplines & Functional Knowledge
  • First Hand Experience of Managers’ Business Challenges
  • Business Perspective on Critical Social, Economic and Political Issues
  • Opportunity to See Dynamics of Innovation & Change
  • The overall objectives of the program are to provide an understanding of the cultural, historical, social, political, and business environments and to achieve a working knowledge of the business practices through direct interaction with managers, workers, and government officials.

The MiM program is divided in three broad disciplines :

  • Personal Excellence: – A series of measures to enhance the personality and personal effectiveness of the students.
  • Professional Excellence: – A series of measures to enhance the professional skills of students and equip them with a more
    balanced and global view of developments that affect their chosen firm, sector and the economy.
  • Innovative Zest: – This series of interventions bring out the leadership and innovative thinking needed to survive turbulent times.