Foundation Day


On 11th Feb 2023, DSGS (Durgadevi Saraf Global Business School), and DSIMS (Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies) celebrated their foundation day, to mark the day of academic inauguration. Mr. Lokesh Kumar Manikonda ,Country Head,Novartis, Social Business –India, was invited as Chief Guest of the event.
The event started with the National Anthem and was followed by lightning of the auspicious lamp by Mr. Lokesh Kumar along with Mr. Ashok Saraf President RSET, Dr. C Babu, Director DSIMS, and Dr. Sarita Vichore, Director DSGS . Dr. C Babu delivered the welcome speech, where he emphasised the need of being empathetic and passionate ,to become successful. Dr. Sarita Vichore addressed the students, highlighting the importance of being humble, gracious, and resilient. Mr. Ashok Saraf in his message mentioned about hard work, value of time, and the use of modern technology, as critical tools for success. Chief Guest,Mr. Lokesh Kumar also addressed the students and explained about the exponential world. He shared his learnings and experience with the students. A token of appreciation was presented to Mr. Lokesh Kumar by Mr. Ashok Saraf.
The event further progressed by felicitation of the teaching and non-teaching staff, who have completed their services at DSIMS & DSGS for ten years and more. Mr. Lokesh Kumar & Mr Ashok Saraf also felicitated the students and alumni, for their contributions in the area of academics & beyond academics. The HEF Sponsorship was given to two students of PGDM. Thereafter, a introduction of Shri MahavirprasadJi Saraf was given, highlighting his contribution and recognition of his social service and philanthropic activities. As a part of extension of his innumerable philanthropic activities to promote academic excellence , Durgadevi Saraf Award and Ghanshyamdas Saraf Award, was given to the student who has stood first in the PGDM and MMS first year .

The event ended with vote of thanks,extended by Dr Sarika Jian, Asst Dean Academics & HoD HR

Foundation Day is a designated day on which celebrations mark the founding of an organisation or institution. It is an opportunity for an organistaion to come together and celebrate the proud history with the community,employees and supporters.It is significant not only because of the number of years it has served the community but also It is a moment to connect to the energy of this moment of remembrance, it is the chance to remind about the humble beginnings of the organisation or institution.

Everything seems possible when we have each other to lean on and work together as a team. The foundation day of DSIMS gives us an opportunity to acknowledge some of the tough times we have faced, and the incredible ways we have bonded together as an institution. Every year, we celebrate our foundation day to commemorate the day when our institute was established.