International Speakers

ECell-SOCH, DSIMS’s Entrepreneurship Cell, had organized the Talk of Ms. Celia Gates, the UK based entrepreneur, intrapreneur, an author the much coveted book, “From Brainwave to Business”, and the creator of “Global Brainstorm” & “”. Ms Celia won the British Consumer Invention of the Year Award. Having qualified with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology Ms. Celia started her career in creative consultancy and became the Design Director of Imperial International before branching out on her own. Celia trained as a coach with the Glazer Kennedy Institute, Baltimore, US in 2008 and worked alongside Tony Robbins’ chief UK coach, Brigitte Summer.

Ms. Gates, while addressing to an overflowed seminar hall of DSIMS, started with an exercise of the ‘happiness circle’, which remains a full circle for happiest person, while for the rest, there can be hexagons or octagons, depending upon one’s temperament, and perspective towards others.

Ms. Gates then moved on to “Whether System”, the tool, designed by her for lateral and literal thinking, which is based on the four parameters viz.- say what you think, broaden perspective, collaborate constructively, and reaching the right decision in record time.

Finally, she illustrated Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping, followed by illuminating on Sun mindset, Rain mindset, Rainbow mindset, Wind mindset, and Snow mindset, The session was enriching and engaging in terms of building perspective, organize thought processes and apt decision making in different contexts of life and business.

A Talk by Prof Nora Ann Colton

As a part of the Global Quest initiative, DSIMS organised a talk on 25th March, 2015 focusing on the “Paradigm Shift in Middle Eastern Economies”. Prof Nora Ann Colton, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), University of East London delivered the session. Prof Nora discussed about the divergent economic scenario of different Middle Eastern economies. In her discourse she identified the basis of the growing discontent in this region.

From an Economic angle she pointed out at the strong correlation between resources & ensuing conflict. She highlighted that the Arab Spring resulted not because of religion or race but owing to improper allocation of scarce resources.

In her address Dr Nora also discussed the Washington Consensus, highlighting the various problems of multilateral aid allocation through an exposition of real life cases of MENA nations. She opined targeting aid through building sound social infrastructures. She summarised her address by reflecting on effective governance, right education, social & financial inclusion which can be capable of channelizing resources toward productivity gains & the overall growth of these nations.

Global Quest: A talk by Prof. David Zepeda:

DSIMS organised an International Event at Nathmal Garodia Seminar Hall. A special address by David Zepeda, Center for Health Policy and Healthcare ResearchD’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, USA. He addressed our graduate students in Business Administration, focusing on Supply Chain Management in the Health Care Industry.

Dr. Rosmary Mathewson’s visit

Ms. Rosemary Mathewson, a consultant at City University of New York, visited our Campus to discuss on various academic partnership possibilities like student exchange followed by joint faculty research & Executive Programme for prospective students/working executives.

‘Living in US’ by Dr. Frank Trocki

Dr. Frank Trocki, Sr. Academician, representing, Duke Cooper, an Education Consultancy firm, visited DSIMS Campus on 24th September, 2015 and for an interactive session on “Living in US”