What are the different fields in MBA?

What are the different fields in MBA?

There are many fields in MBA that are offered by B-Schools ranging from traditional General Management to MBA in Entrepreneurship Management.

Students can opt for fields such as General Management, Supply Chain, Finance, Data Analytics, General Marketing, Digital Marketing, Health Care Management, Actuarial Science, Information Technology, Project Management, Education Management, Tourism Management, Human Resource, Energy Management, Petroleum Management, Banking and Insurance, Advertising, Sports Management and so on.

While more than 2000 best B-Schools in India offer traditional fields like Marketing, Finance, HR, many top B-Schools started offering specialized MBAs in Supply Chain, Data Analytics, Petroleum Management, Digital Marketing and even Design Thinking.

It is advisable to understand the basic skill set requirements for pursuing certain specialized courses. For example, if a student wishes to pursue Actuarial Science in MBA, he or she must have a strong mathematical foundation to do well in that field. Similarly, if a student wishes to enrol in Data Analytics, he or she is required to be good in computer related courses with familiarization in certain software.

MBA Programs offer variety of choices to students in many fields. Students can choose these fields based on their undergraduate backgrounds such as Arts, Pure Science, Engineering and the length of work experience. For example, a student with engineering background and work experience in IT Industry can opt for Project Management field as preferred specialization in MBA.

A student with commerce background having added couple of years’ experience in public relation or event management companies can opt for advertising field in his or her MBA Program.

-by Dr. Chidambaram Babu, Director