Utkarsh – The HR Club

“Utkarsh-The HR club” is a student driven initiative of HR Department that collaborates with both, corporate and academia. The team was created for organizing events round the year. The club serves as a platform for HR enthusiasts to come forward and exchange their ideas relating to the latest trends of HR and general management. The Club also provides the students with opportunities to improve and develop their leadership and communication skills by planning and managing various HR activities and events. The activities of the club also focus on developing a team spirit among the students.

Objectives of the Club:

  1. To foster creativity among the students of HR.
  2. To enhance students’ knowledge by interacting with industry/subject experts through guest lectures and other corporate events.
  3. To make learning more interactive through workshops and events.

Kaun Banega Management Guru:

The event Kon Banega Management Guru (KBMG) is a modified version of KBC organised by Team Utkarsh of the HR Club conducted on 13th December 2020. It was based on business management questions. The KBMG rounds were divided into 3 levels – line manager level, middle level manager and top-level manager which was the final level. There were total of 15 questions and each level comprised of 5 questions. For every question, the participant had 60 seconds to answer. They were provided with 3 lifeline options – expert review, opt for a friend and swap the question.

Before the main hot seat participant could be chosen, a fastest finger first round was conducted on the website ‘Kahoot.com’. Whichever candidate answered first, was eligible as a hot seat contestant. Participants for the event were from the junior and senior PGDM batch and MMS senior batch. All the specialisations were included in the event.

The final winner was chosen on the total number of right answers and maximum level reached. The participants who reached a particular level were provided with a certificate stating the level he/she has reached.

Legal Perspective in Business Management by Adv. Dr. Harsh Pathak:

Dr. Harsh Pathak an MBA, LL.B., Ph.D. in International Business Operations and Commercial Laws. Registered as an Advocate and Bar Member of the supreme court of India. Area of professional specialization is in Civil / Commercial / International Laws with special reference to Natural Resources Laws , Mining and Environmental Laws, Real Estate Laws, Telecom Laws, IT Laws, Cyber Laws , Property laws , Contract laws, Criminal Laws, Arbitration with active commercial law compliance, commercial documentation, legal report generation, legal opinion drafting, solicitation and litigation. Associated with LEX MINE as senior counsel for public and private laws.

The session was conducted for PGDM First year, PGDM Second year (HR) along with MMS Second year (HR) on 12th December 2020 via Zoom platform. It was a 1.5 hour session wherein the topics covered were basic understanding of law, its types, difference between public law and private law including its significance, hierarchy of Judiciary System, Concept of legal environment, rule of law & business association, scope of business law by covering various acts, difference between business law & corporate law followed by compliance of laws. The session ended with Q&A round where students asked their queries related to the concerned topic and field.