Leaders in making

Leaders in making

Since DSIMS is determined to make leaders thru Management Education, it is but obvious that skilling the student through various initiatives captures the outcome. In this process of skilling, the Manager to be a leader some essential qualities that need to be inculcated through the life of the student on the campus is a necessity. The curriculum needs to include outcome measurements in terms of the following eleven leadership skills through experiential learning more than only a classroom session.

The article highlights some of the good qualities which the Industry and academia agree to be possessed by a Leader especially the one who would have to prove his/her mettle in the Industry.

becomes the essential quality which can be inherent in some but definitely be added as a skill. Clear communication is root to all solutions. Motivation, it has been experienced in the past so many years that increase in monetary benefits is never the first reason for any employee to work hard instead appreciation and inspiration are termed as number one in this category. The third vital skill to be developed is delegation. A leader’s failure or success depends on the ability to delegate. Right job to the right person is the key to success. Attitude is also an essential ingredient of a leader. A leader with a positive attitude can be an inspiration and can lead the team to most of the successes. Since success is always associated with a positive attitude. Trust is also a very important element that a leader should have in oneself and in the team. A Manager who cannot trust or cannot be trusted cannot lead from the front. Creativity along with risk-taking ability is also an important constituent since taking risk is an inherent quality of a leader and to manage the resources for an unforeseen outcome is creativity.

Responsibility, Confidence, Commitment and Flexibility are finally the four most important virtues of a good leader. The leader should finally be able to take the responsibility, to proceed with the task with commitment and needs to be flexible enough to accommodate the team members with confidence and integrity to lead the organization to the perpetual successful path

-by Dr. Sarita Vichore