Benefits Of Pursuing A PGDM Course

Benefits Of Pursuing A PGDM Course


PGDM is a 2-year diploma programme offered by autonomous B-Schools recognised by AICTE that focuses on providing practical knowledge of management. PGDM full form is Postgraduate Diploma in Management and is equivalent to MBA if the college is accredited by AIU.

PGDM course duration is of two years and to be eligible for the course, candidates must have completed graduation preferably from management. But graduates from any stream can apply for this course. PGDM admission is mostly based on entrance exams like MAT, CAT, XAT, and more.

Here are the reasons why you should choose PGDM-

Industry-oriented Program

PGDM courses are designed in such a way that they are industry-centric when compared to the structure of MBA courses. Only autonomous institutions offer PGDM courses and they ensure that the courses contain updated syllabi matching the latest industry needs. While MBA courses go by the book, PGDM has a more open-minded approach and is more learner-oriented.

Develop Better Skills

The atmosphere at an institution that offers PGDM courses is quite different from a regular university-type classroom. As a student pursuing PGDM, you get a lot of hands-on corporate exposure which helps you to hone your communication skills. You’ll also be able to sharpen your interpersonal skills while amid your peers through various interactive sessions. Besides getting a fillip to your decision-making capacity, you develop keen analytical skills.

Exposure & Placement Offers

PGDM curriculum offers fantastic practical exposure to industries through organizational study, internships and on-job projects that help students to build their corporate network which even helps them to fetch PPOs ( Pre Placement offers). Most of the reputed institutes offering PGDM courses have tie-ups with leading companies. They also organize job fairs in a significant way and ensure all their students get a fair chance to get lucrative offers and placements.

A PGDM student has the privilege of undergoing institution-sponsored management internships. He or she also gets to meet industry leaders and gain first-hand insights as to how modern business functions. Apart from intense classroom sessions, they also get real-time exposure to the world of business.

Mentoring by Experienced Faculty Members

All the reputed institutes offering PGDM courses employ distinguished faculty members having academic as well as corporate experience. These highly qualified teachers take it upon themselves to mentor their wards to shape them into outstanding individuals.

Easy Financing for Courses

Undergoing a PGDM course at any of the reputed institutions gives the students an upper hand when it comes to financing their studies. Such AICTE-approved institutions make it easy for the students to avail themselves of education loans as the banks come forward with low-interest offers and help students with flexible loans that can be repaid after they get placed comfortably.

Varied Skill Sets

These days a mere degree in management studies is not likely to take you very far. It is important to develop good skill sets. Undergoing a PGDM course helps you develop such skill sets through various certification programs making you job-ready and catapulting you up the corporate ladder by giving you leadership and managerial skills that are in great demand today.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

For those students who are willing to be an entrepreneur, a PGDM course sets the perfect stage. Students aspiring to launch their own startups couldn’t find a better place than a reputed institution offering a PGDM course where the right opportunity exists to pitch their projects during the course.

Interactive Classrooms

A PGDM classroom is never tedious and interactive supplemented with discussions, role play, activities, games, and presentations. There is always a game of wit taking place amongst brilliant and lively students. The classrooms are bound to be fun and at no time is the learning aspect compromised or ignored. Some of the best brains enrol for PGDM courses and it is more than likely that you will meet people who match your wit and intelligence.

Durgadevi Saraf Global Business School (DSGS) maintains a healthy faculty-student relationship that focuses not only on academics but the overall well-being of the students. We impart soft skills and life skills and guide our students from day one with a robust and innovative pedagogy. DSGS has been formed with the ambitious objectives of growing proficient expertise and skilled manpower in all the major functional areas of management.

DSGS strives to maintain our legacy of imparting profound & top-class education with state-of-the-art infrastructure. So pursue PGDM with us to enter the world of advanced learning and discover your true potential.