Touge is a marketing conclave with will help prepare students to set out into a world where the market landscape is shifting dramatically, and new tools for marketing are changing the way marketers do business. This conclave showcases successful marketing professionals sharing their accumulated wisdom about the current state of marketing and how it has evolved.

TOUGE 2023

Vibranz club of DSIMS and DSGS organized an annual marketing conclave

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Touge 2020-21 Dr. Ranjan Chaudhuri's address

TOUGE: A Marketer’s Drift 2020

Theme: Resilience in Marketing: The Pandemic and Post Pandemic Times

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Touge 2019

TOUGE: A Marketer’s Drift 2019

Theme : Marketing Opportunities in the Age of Technology

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Touge 2018

TOUGE: A Marketer’s Drift 2018

Theme: Leveraging Disruption

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TOUGE: A Marketer’s Drift 2017

Theme :  Indian Marketers- Their ability to innovate: Issues and Challenges

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TOUGE: A Marketer’s Drift 2016

Theme : Marketing in the era of startups and disruptive innovation – Issues and Challenges

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Touge 2015

TOUGE: A Marketer’s Drift 2015

Theme: Customer Engagement

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TOUGE: A Marketer’s Drift 2014

Theme: Marketing Dynamics

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